About Us

Intertrade Concepts Express

Intertrade Concepts Express is a procurement services and retail supply company with a new approach. Our expertise lies with the mass identification of personally inspected superior suppliers, which garners us a seamlessly unlimited amount of diversity, and the ability to change gears with the trends and our customers needs as well. We handle the negotiation of pricing, terms and conditions and the delivery to you all while keeping you in completely in the loop. We cannot stress our devotion to procuring only well made, quality goods enough, and we do not infringe on any copyright laws. Intertrade Concepts Express is a fair trade organization incorporated in the United States. 

At Intertrade Concepts Express our passion lies in product development and sourcing high end product. Our diligence and passion for design and quality has led us to become a global leader in B2B quality sensitive consumer product sourcing from infant care products to regulated impact sports equipment and everything in-between. We offer more than just procurement we work with customers to innovate and actually increase quality in many cases, always looking for the edge and getting it ASAP. For proactive sellers, we are your partner and invested in your success. Intertrade Concepts Express truly offers unique and tailor made service for our clients. We assist in product development and marketing to get your products or new brands out there. Whether you want to expand your market into Asia or the in US we can offer a wide range of expertise depending on your situation. Dealing with manufacturers face to face to ensure communication is 100% accurate on both ends is essential for getting your idea moving. Don’t learn the costly hard way where missing minor details cut into your bottom line and can cost you months in delays. We provide you with all the information and contacts we collect for you to grow your own network as well. There are many trading companies that advertise themselves as "manufactures" but only a trading company with limited room for negotiations and personal branding with the actual makers. Bosses often will negotiate much better terms over tea than some low level employee online. Very simple problems that take months to figure out online can be resolved in minutes in-person. 

Connecting with us will expand your inner circle of trusted contacts looking out for your stores best interests. If your not happy with your supplier let us know your story and we can just brainstorm with you, or know your supplier can do better or unreliable tell us your story. Best of all, we are completely free until you see profits in your business.